We want to empower you to design your own fashion. Because we believe that if you are interested in fashion that is enough for you to design beautiful garments that fit. We believe that the real value of fashion lies in creative ideas. And we believe that everybody has them.

Design your own fashion

When you start designing fashion it can be intimidating. Because after sketching up your idea (which can be a challenge of it’s own) you face a lot of questions:

  • How do I now chose the right fabric?
  • How get a sewing pattern for my design idea?
  • How do I cut the fabric?
  • How do I sew the pattern together?
  • What type of stitch to use?
  • How will the finished garment look on me?
  • How will it look on my clients?

Fashion labels often have a big team of people that are experts in answering each of those questions. And not only that. They have experienced employees equipped with professional tools. This team can turn any design idea into a finished garment within a day or two. This is an incredibly helpful thing to have when designing fashion and our wish is therefore that you too have access to such a great resource. Because that way you do not have to worry about sewing patterns, bad fits, adjusting your sewing machine, finding an alternative to an overlock machine or finishing an ordered garment in time. We want you to concentrate on your creativity. Therefore we want to provide you with all the tools to make your fashion ideas come reality.

Take credit for what is yours

Big brands have started to collect and “borrow” ideas from individuals and small designers because they have realised the enormous creative potential of the population. Consequently fast fashion producers take those ideas and turn them into their own products. And with their huge production network, they are capable of producing a new design by the thousands within a matter of days. They have high payed models and brand ambassadors. They have the distribution network to reach a global audience.

That leaves the small creators who came up with the idea little to no chance to compete. We believe that this is not right! You should profit from your own creativity and the hard work you put into creating a new look. And not a big corporation. We strongly believe that everybody has creative ideas and that everybody should have the possibility to make them reality. That way you can offer them to other like-minded people. You can also see your own creations become the next trend. And most importantly: you get the credit! We believe that together we can take back fashion. We believe that it is time for a fashion revolution.

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